• Hank Mitchum

    Hank Mitchum

    A soldier without a war.
    A husband without a family.
    A drifter who decided to stay.

    Right in the place he should have left fastest.

    First Appearance
  • Old Robert

    Old Robert

    He lost his home.
    He lost his way.
    He found a friend.

    But that friend was Hank.

    First Appearance
  • Mark Stern

    Mark Stern

    He went to war a soldier.
    He came home a contractor.
    He stayed to build his future.

    His next move is to watch yours.

    First Appearance
  • Sarah


    The girl from Hope City.
    A place that didn't live up to it's name.
    She may not want trouble...

    But it's always asking for her.

    First Appearance
  • Danny


    He's seen the worst in people.
    Because he's been to the worst places.
    It's too bad he finally has a home...

    When the worst is yet to come.

    First Appearance