The Black Wall - Chapter 1

In this near-future noir, the world is a much-changed place. Inflation is rising, there are massive labor strikes, and an increasingly militarized police state is forming with its most essential industries being contracted out to private companies.

Amidst this chaotic world we meet Hank Mitchum, a drifter and veteran of the wars in the Middle East who has come back home to Reno, NV after his mother's passing. After running from the past for such a long time it finally catches up with him in the form of a fellow veteran who works for the private security firm All States Protection & Surveillance. Contracted for a seemingly simple job, troubles thicken for Hank when a skirmish he involves himself in causes a young homeless woman to go missing.

As the world falls apart piece by piece, can Hank keep it together long enough to right the things which have gone wrong?

Includes the frantic, new noir comic Getting Back To Normal:

Raccoon is a survivor, a man who has lived on the street for most of his life. Wild in his eyes, wilder in his ways, he's seen the end of the pipe and the end of the line, and has crossed over both to live another day. But this is a story about dying, and when Raccoon finds the dead body of a young man, he takes it as his duty to find out who murdered him and why. Pretty quickly we learn there is no getting back to normal.

Getting Back To Normal is a continuing story, with a new part appearing alongside each chapter of The Black Wall.

The Black Wall - Chapter 2

The Black Wall:
When Hank starts to feel the heat in Reno he goes to Las Vegas to see his daughter and keep a distant eye on recent events. Memories of the past juxtapose with present situations bringing Hank to a violent confrontation that shows what working for Mark really means.

Getting Back To Normal:
After discovering a dead body Raccoon finds evidence that he believes will lead him to the killer. But as we all know, with Raccoon things just aren't that simple.

The Black Wall - Chapter 3

The Black Wall:
Mark arrives in Texas to see Danny, another veteran who served under his command. When hired to do the same surveillance-dodging job as Hank, Danny doesn't exactly comply, and the dodge leads to a chase.

Getting Back To Normal:
After taking flight, Raccoon has to get back on his feet and escape from the hands of authorities to serve his duty as a detective that nobody asked for.

The Black Wall - Chapter 4

The Black Wall:
The responsibility Hank feels for the disappearance of Sara grows as he concocts a plan to go undercover in Tent City and investigate. With the help of and old acquaintance he gets plenty of answers, though they may not be exactly the ones he's looking for.

Getting Back To Normal:
Raccoon ends up in one of his old haunts while seeking out more clues on the killer he's been tracking. After smoking out some tweaker wisdom he stumbles back into the life of the bowling magnate he believes to be the culprit.

The Black Wall - Chapter 5 & 6

The Black Wall:
As Hank heals after the events in Tent City, he learns just how much the WSPS cameras are watching. After receiving a vital piece of evidence that will keep him free, he wonders what other benefits this may provide.
The social turmoil growing across the American landscape has Hank seeking respite at his childhood home. A familiar face and a decisive talk push Hank to take action.

Getting Back To Normal:
Raccoon makes a break for it after his plans shatter at the bowling alley. On the lam, he retreats into the desert where he finds what he’s been looking for. And just maybe what he’s been running from all these years.