This story takes place in a time not so far off from our own when things aren't much better than they are now. The vulnerability of the world we live in makes anything possible

What's wrong? It's sometimes hard to pick a place to start when so much is messed up. We can start with out of control inflation keeping the poor, well, poor. Or we can talk about the new amendments to the Patriot Act. Yeah, that's still around. We could talk about nationalization of certain private economic actors, but nobody wants to talk about that. How about more and more soldiers trickling into Africa? Try to find that on the evening news. And why bother talking about dirty politicians. It's always been that way and it's not going to change. Right?

If we're going to talk about anything, we can talk about the cameras. It seems not many people want to talk about those these days. Kind of on the back burner. Maybe everyone just forgot. Somewhere along the line the job of keeping track of the world got too big for one government agency so they allotted it out to smaller private companies. But all those small guys started getting sucked up by bigger guys and so now there are only a few companies watching as you step out of your house to when you go back in. So what does it matter?

I don't know. Who knows what and what knows who?

Things are getting hairy in America, but it can't be all that bad. Right?

The Story So Far: CHAPTER 1

Many years on from the terror attacks at the World Trade Center, America has become a much changed place. Hank Mitchum, a veteran of the wars that followed those fatal days in 2001, has drifted throughout the states unable to hold onto much of anything. News of his mother's death brings him back to Reno, Nevada where he spent much of his youth.

This section will be updated as the first chapter closes out.